Pre race press conference from Sebring

So after the first season of the formula D championship finished what are your plans for this championship?
Jonas: To not get last in the championship.
Anders: Driver hard and win
Henrik: To drive at our limit. Cost everything that it my cost to get to the top. It is make or break this season
Stian: We won last the championship last time so it very simply to defend the title.

You have now got the unofficial circuit paper with every registered circuit on it. Any you like or dislike?
Anders: Valencia sucks, so I have to drive a little more caution on that. Rocky shore is my definite favourite, simply because it is small.
Stian: Valencia is a track that is fun to drive. Sebring on the other hand is not that great, just look at the last result there.
Jonas: Sebring and rocky shore because that is where we won last time.
Henrik: I don?t like the street circuit because it is not meant to be a formula 1 circuit.

KERS is back, and will be used for the whole season what are your guy?s opinion on that?
Stian: KERS is something that should have been done the whole past season it creates more ways to get past your opponent.
Anders: I like it because it gets me easier past my opponents. But I hate to be passed by it.
Jonas: Last season we could not use to the maximum. So we need to improve on that so we will try and develop there and McKidd should handle that well. He is an experienced lad.
Henrik: I think it will be more exiting for the spectators but I kind of dislike it because there is no way to defend against it.

LBS are also something that was used in the last part of the previous season and you have now got to grip with the new system. Is it something that will help the championship or not?

YES!!! It is absolutely helping a lot and you will not get pissed off.
Stian: Not quite sure. It is good to have but it maybe helps too much.
Anders: It?s nice to have.
Jonas: It?s a good rule by the FIA.

The new rules that you need to use both the hard and soft tyre. Is this going to create a new problem or will it be quite exiting
Anders: No, We are pretty good at both.
Jonas: This will increase the tactical view and you need to be smart when choosing tyres.
Henrik: The problem will be in choosing tyres before qualifying.
Stian: A good rule and it will create some new problems for us, but is should be more exiting to watch.

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