Sebring: How it happened

Sebring was the first circuit the Formula D Championship visited this year. It was all set to be a fantastic race. Previous winner Sneaky Sharks now Sony was ready to defend their title with claws and teeth but it all went wrong. Emirates had everything to prove after a difficult last season, not much different was it for BMW. They new they had it but was unlucky last season and was ready to fight back. Red Bull was the only team to fully challenge Sony last season and now they wanted not only to challenge but win. Lets look at how it all happened.

The weather was not the best start for the season as it was raining. The weather forecast said it could be stopping but nothing was sure. So every team started on the wet tyres.

This was the line-up:
  1. Kun R (BMW)
  2. Ken Burton (Sony)
  3. Victoria (Red Bull)
  4. Megan Fox (BMW)
  5. House (Sony)
  6. Mr. Awesome (Red Bull)
  7. Snusmumrikken (Emirates)
  8. McKidd (Emirates)
It all started good for BMW both drivers were in top 3. Only Ken Burton was the challenge. But BMW was up for that challenge as they both got further and further ahead of Burton. The Victoria started to gain on Ken Burton. Then hell happened, Vicoria crashed. She was the first the rain had taken. Not long after Ken Burton went into the wall. Now both 3 and 4 was out. The race was not much finished. The two BMW?s in front had a big lead and could cruise into victory. But the battle for 3rd was much more exiting. House against Mr. Awesome. This was the standings after the first lap:
  1. Megan Fox (BMW)
  2. Kun R (BMW)
  3. Mr. Awesome (Red Bull)
  4. House (Sony)
  5. McKidd (Emirates)
  6. Snusmumrikken (Emirates)
On lap 2 the weather changed to overcast. This happened quite early on lap 2 so most of the drivers were able to go into the pit and change for soft or hard tyres. The only driver that did not do that was Megan Fox the leader, simply because the rain stopped after her pit stop.

Lap 2 was not the most exiting, the only battle was for 3 position and it was much back and forth, no one could just pull away.

This was the standings after 2 laps, one more to go:
  1. Megan Fox (BMW)
  2. Mr. Awesome (Red Bull)
  3. Kun R (BMW)
  4. House (Sony)
  5. Snusmumrikken (Emirates)
  6. McKidd (Emirates)
Now Mr. Awesome and House had taken a lot on Kun R and were right up his tale. The battle for 3rd had become the battle for 2nd. Megan Fox had increased here lead on the wet tyres, and that is quite amazing. Now the weather was changing to sunny and back to raining. Snusmumrikken had driven well and was now actually into the battle for 2nd. It was in the last corner it all would be decided who would be second. It was between Mr. Awesome, House, Kun R and Snusmumrikken. House pushed hard but that ended in disaster, his brakes collapsed and caused him to crash. Megan Fox had already finsished first, but who would come second. Kun R had a great exit from the last corner and took the second place. Straight after Kun R, Mr. Awesome came in and then Snusmumrikken. An absolute spectacular finish here in Sebring. This is the final standings after the race ended:
  1. Megan Fox (BMW) 25p
  2. Kun R (BMW) 18p
  3. Mr. Awesome (Red Bull) 15p
  4. Snusmurikken (Emirates) 12p
  5. McKidd (Emirates) 10p
  6. House (Sony)0p (Crashed)
  7. Ken Burton (Sony) 0p (Crashed)
  8. Victoria (Red Bull) 0p (Crashed)
A good opening race here in Sebring. We saw that BMW was now up for the fight on the title. Red Bull still the trailing team on the title, and Emirates still has a lot to improve on before next race. Sony had the worst start they could possible have when they should defend the title.

Will Sony be back and can Emirates get out of there problems. Will BMW still prove that they are a team that we can count on in the championship title? Join us next time when we travel to Race City.

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