Post Team Conference Monaco

Congratulations to the Red Bull team with their dominant win today; it looked like it all was going after the plan. What did you think about the race as it evolved in front of your eyes?

Henrik (Red Bull):At the beginning of the race it looked dark seeing that neither Q1 nor Q2 went after plan. However as the race progressed, and the two emirates cars DNF, we ended up having the win in the bag.

After an exciting start to the race, the race started to calm down after the first lap. Much because of the two cars in front (Red Bull and Sony) decided not to pit. What were the reasons behind this?

Henrik (Red Bull):The reason why the Red Bull car decided not to pit was that it was not very damaged after the first lap. The driver was confident that the car would manage to survive the next lap.

Stian (Sony): Mine was quite easy. Ken was able to keep his head out of all the action in front of him, and after the two crashes of Emirates he conserved the tires to be able to keep them on for the whole race.

Anders you decided to pit both cars on the first lap. Did you expect the Sony and Red Bull cars to continue?

Anders (BMW): I was really not sure what they would do. And we decided to pit both cars in the last second, and we see that now, not the smartest move.

After a great race in Chicago, your guys just did not coupe with the wet condition today. What were your thoughts as they crashed in the first lap?

Jonas (Emirates):Yeah, off course after a good race in Chicago and also the same condition before this race we were off course optimistic before the race. We knew we coped with the wet condition last race, but Monte Carlo is Monte Carlo. No off course we are disappointed here at Emirates this is a result we can?t be proud of. And the guys know this as well.

To all of you; what do you guys think of the new regulation about KERS not being possible to use into a corner?

Stian (Sony): Makes no difference for us. We still need to develop our car, and find the few tents the guys in front of us have. And changing the rule about KERS is not going to change that for us.

Henrik (Red Bull): FIA is always a pain in the a** when they decide to make new rules and regulations that put a stop to our new driving styles and tactics, but that?s part of the sport and we have to find new ways to piss FIA off.

Jonas (Emirates):Yeah, after this regulation I think the KERS is more categorized on the long straights, and if this is bad thing or good thing. I cannot think this will decide the championship.

Anders (BMW): We have to adjust our driving style completely. Enough said.

Last question today; Next race is in Rockey Shore. What are your expectations a head of the race?

Anders (BMW): Podium finish, both cars.

Jonas (Emirates): Yeah, now we are back of the pack in the constructor championship. We need to score some points after this disappointed weekend. After last year performance as the team trailing everybody else and this year we have main goal to improve on that.Last year we got our only victory here and this is a track that suits our car.

Henrik (Red Bull): What you expect and what you hope for in front of a race are two different things. We always work and hope for a win each time we are out on the track, but I expect that the drivers will have to think their strategies through and find the right rhythm.

Stian (Sony):Rockey Shore is one circuit that is for the spectators. It is a circuit with a lot of fast corners and a lot of possibilities to overtake. KERS will again be a problem to use because of the corners coming so fast.This has been our main problem with our car. The main thing the drivers need to think of is consistency and getting into a rhythm. If you do that you will have a chance here. Also the pit stop strategy will be a key ingredient here. Be good with your tires and this track will award you highly.

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