Pre-race press conference (Rocky Shore)

What are your expectations before today's race?

Stian: Today is an important race and we need to keep up the momentum from the last race. I expect to get a good result here.

Henrik: A lot of tight driving and collisions.

Anders: Driving the cars to the maximum. And of course podium finishes for both cars.

Jonas: Improve from the last result.

What are your tactics?

Stian: The pit stop strategic will be very important here and how the drivers will manage the tires is the key to victory.

Jonas: Try to get a pole position and try create a gap and getting into clean air.

Henrik: Classified information.

Anders: To win the race.

Jonas, you had a disappointing race last week, is that going to change your approach to this race?

Jonas: We don't have so much to lose, we can just climb. So maybe we need to have a different approach.

Anders, you are currently leading both the driver and team championship. Do you think you can keep it that way?

Anders: Yes. (Fast and precise)

KERS is a big topic here in this short and fast race. Do you guys think that KERS will be as important here as it has been in other races?

Jonas:The main use of KERS in this race is to get the slipstream.

Anders: I like KERS. It will still be KERS.

Henrik: Yes, even more important.

Stian: No, KERS will be used but it is only one real place where you can use it and that is the main straight. Meaning everybody will use it there.

LBS has been used a lot this year, and this track should suit that kind of racing. Are you guys going to risk the opportunity to get a flat spot to reach the corner?

Henrik: Yes.

Jonas:Not that much.

Anders: Yes, if I gain more that I loose.

Stian: Depends on our situation. As mentioned, I said tires will be very important here, and risking a flat spot might not be worth it.

Thank you and good luck with the race.

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